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HowlingWinds German Shepherds


Puppy/Dog Questionnaire

All potential puppy buyers are required to fill out this questionnaire and return it to HowlingWinds German Shepherds by mail or email…this will help us to determine which puppy will suit you best.



Phone #:


1. Have you ever owned a German Shepherd before?

    If so previous breeder’s name:

2. If requested, would you be able to provide references?

3. Why do you want a German Shepherd?

4. Have you ever owned a large breed dog?

5. Have you researched the breed?

6. What kind of research have you done?

7. Do you live in an apartment or house?

8. Do you live out in the country or in town?

9. Number of adults living on the premises?

10. Number of children & their ages, living on the premises?

11. Who will be the primary caregiver of the puppy?

12. Do you have a fenced in yard? What size?

13. If not a fenced yard, do you have a dog run? What size?

14. Will your puppy/dog be chained up?

15. Would the pup spend most of its time indoors or outdoors?

16. Would you be able to provide pictures of living arrangements if requested?

17. Will the puppy be a companion?

18. What is your activity level? (1 being LOW & 10 being HIGH )

       Will you include you puppy/dog in daily activities?

19. How many walks per day?              Length of the walks?

20. How long per day will the pup be left alone?

      Where will the pup be kept?

21. What do you think it will cost, per month, to feed your puppy?

22. What would you do with your pup if you are out of town for more than a day?

23. Where will the puppy sleep?

24. Where will the puppy be kept when no one is home?

25. What type of temperament are you looking for?

26. Would you like a male or female puppy?

27. What colour of puppy? Black & Tan / Black & Red / Black & Cream

28. When do you want a puppy?

29. Do you want to show / track / herd / do agility / with your puppy?

30. Are you planning on breeding?

31. Will you take your puppy to obedience classes?

32. Are there any other pets in the home?

      If so what type?                   sex?          age?          spayed/neutered?

33. What do you expect from us as a breeder of your puppy/dog?

34. How did you hear about HowlingWinds German Shepherds?

This questionnaire is solely for the purpose of HowlingWinds German Shepherds and your

privacy will be protected.We would like to thank you for answering this questionnaire.

HowlingWinds German Shepherds 3460 County Road #6 Ripley, ON N0G 2R0

[email protected]