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HowlingWinds German Shepherds

  K-9 Education Dog Training & Behavioural Therapy

Marcel Verlaan of K-9 Education in Ripley has dedicated a lot of his life to training dogs and their people. According to his clients he has that unique bond with dogs that is hard to describe. His clients are also quick to mention that his people skills are top-notch. Marcel has an honours diploma in dog training/instructor and has read countless books on dog psychology, he has also taken courses in dog aggression and has worked with over 800 dogs .His love and passion for dogs drives him to inspire any dog to its full potential being the best they can be.

According to Marcel his black belt in Karate has taught him great self discipline and calm thinking in all situations - a valuable asset in dog training. He has experience with a variety of dog breeds from Wolf-German Shepherds to Pomeranians.

Marcel's clients can take advantage of group classes or one on one in-home training. He uses modified traditional training methods including dog whispering strategies to teach dogs and their people. Both forms of training focus on creating a positive atmosphere for learning and socializing dogs. Marcel also does behavioural consultations for clients with specific areas that they want to work on with their dogs. These consultations include a visit to the home to work with dog and family. Marcel observes and evaluates the dog in the home and makes specific action plans for all members of the household to follow. The goal of these action plans and the outcome - according to his clients - is a well-balanced dog.

Methods and Philosophy

When conducting obedience classes, my approach is to use modified traditional training methods. These methods include positive reinforcement with treats and praise. Not everyone likes to use treats when training their dog and I teach that as well in class.I also capitalize on the opportunity to socialize dogs in obedience classes. A well socialized dog that learns how to interact with other dogs is a well balanced dog.

Dog whispering techniques and strategies are employed when dealing with behavioural issues and concerns. As such, I believe that problem behaviour can be overcome with human leadership, discipline, and exercise. Dogs need rules and boundaries. Affection when given at the appropriate time is also an important ingredient for a well balanced dog. As leaders of the pack we as humans must maintain a positive energy and a calm state of mind. This energy and state are necessary to maintain our leadership.

Obedience Classes

Obedience classes run for three different age groups: Puppy 1 (Three to Six Months); Puppy 2 (Six to Eleven Months) and Adult 1 (One year and Older)

The classes run once a week for six weeks. Class duration is one hour .The atmosphere is positive for both you and your dog. A maximum of eight dogs are enrolled in each class to ensure that each dog and owner receives the attention they need to succeed. I am also available to conduct one on one in home obedience training. With this contract, I visit your home once a week for six weeks.

What to expect in the Classes:

Classes involve learning basic obedience for your dog and encouraging you to assert your pack leadership through obedience. The first class of a session involves humans only. We focus on the philosophy and strategies behind becoming a pack leader and achieving a well-balanced dog. During the first class we also perform administrative details such as vet checks, intake forms, and payment. For the remainder of the classes we work on obedience. A wide range of useful commands including walking properly, drop, stay, etc. are taught and practiced.

The classes are very interactive and hands-on. Participants can also expect to learn from each other (both dogs and humans). Questions and concerns are welcomed at any time during a class. Classes also provide excellent socialization opportunities for dogs and humans. Graduation day (our last class) involves a review of all commands and a celebration of success.

Agility 101

Try this exciting sport...a time for you &your dog to have fun together!

Agility is a great way to work on obedience, leadership & creates a stronger bond with your dog!

The course is professional equipment, as seen at Agility trials...including tunnels, jumps, dog-walk and more...

Sessions include an introduction to the course...lots of practice on one with Marcel...opportunity to have 'just you & your dog time'.. and then put it all together a FUN trial.

Small class sizes!

To register call Marcel at 519-832-7676 or Email [email protected]

Place to Play with Room To Run

Looking for a safe ,secure area for your dog(s) to play, exercise or work on training?

What about enjoying some playtime with your doggie friends?

HowlingWinds German Shepherds & K-9 Education have a large,entirely fenced in area that is available for rent by the hour.

Come and use the Agility equipment ....or just enjoy walking or playing fetch!

Front yard is available for rent for $30.00/hour

Behavioural Consultation

Behavioural consultation involves one on one participation with the client (which includes family) and the dog(s). Usually clients contact me with a specific behavioural concern or concerns. These concerns include such issues as dog and/or human aggression, separation anxiety, digging, excessive barking or destructive chewing as well as timid and fearful behavior. Consultations include an initial visit to observe and evaluate the dog in the home. With this knowledge and my observations in hand, I formulate a specific action plan for all members of the household to follow.

Contact Information

Marcel Verlaan K-9 Education

Phone: 519-832-7676

Email [email protected]

Testimonials Provided by K-9 Clients

Moving to a small community with little knowledge of training resources in the area, we were absolutely delighted to discover that Kincardine has its own Dog Whisperer - Marcel Verlaan. Integrating two four month old puppies into our household which includes a nine-year old Great Dane surely would be a challenge. The puppies are giant breeds - a Great Dane and a Saint Bernard. Colin and I are acutely aware that our puppies would grow up to be BIG dogs.

Marcel has been truly dedicated to us and our dogs. We have been working with him for three months with absolute stunning success. Our dogs greet him with excitement and respect....Colin and I welcome him to our household with admiration. We highly recommend Marcel and the calmness, wisdom and patience that he shares with those he works with...He is truly a gift for every dog and their owner.

Jacqueline Faubert and Colin Elwood

Marcel exudes confidence, knowledge and competence in K-9 Education. He was able to provide me with useful, practical and easy strategies for teaching my puppy the necessary commands for a functional and happy dog and owner relationship. His K-9 Education classes are a must.


Marcel was a great instructor who provided excellent information about not only how to train dogs , but also on dog psychology and behaviour. He was a good role-model and provided me with valuable, positive suggestions and feedback. I will continue to practice and use all that I learned from being in Marcel's classes and would recommend K-9 Education to anyone! Thanks Marcel

Jennifer Whynott

Marcel and Charlie

I have seen Marcel interact with three dogs, mine and two others. Each dog had the same immediate response to him – one of total respect. They knew instantly that he is the “top dog” – the pack leader. Now Marcel is working with me so that I too will become the pack leader for my dog. After observing the interaction between me and my dog for several weeks Marcel developed a straight forward yet comprehensive action plan that I work with daily. We meet weekly to review the plan and the progress made. Marcel is always available by phone or email should issues or questions arise. We have developed a good working relationship and I see that progress is being made each week.

Kaye MacDonald

We know Bob loves going to class.

In retrospect ... we both weekly thought "yeah it's Sunday!" ie.

Marcel's class. Marcel's dog class has been empowering.

Marcel is a great instructor, his knowledge and patience are evident with both dogs and people.

Bill & Andrea

We found Marcel to be really helpful & knowledgeable. He took the time to get to know each dog & always had an answer for any questions we had & was willing to have an open ear for any future issues.

Leanne & Greg

Great instructional techniques, dog on dog interaction was extremely helpful in obtaining our goals for a friendlier dog.


Marcel has great knowledge & patience with all dogs of every breed.His great skill and knowledge shows on very successful students.

Nancy Jackson

I am so impressed with Marcel's handling of all the dogs. The classes are fun for both dog & master. I would highly recommend puppy training classes.

Lolly & Buddy

Marcel is Kincardine's very own Dog Whisperer. He is amazing at teaching dog handlers how to be calm assertive, when asking your dog to do something. His class sizes are perfect and fun filled with Education. I would ( and have) recommend Marcel to any dog owner, problems or not. I had a fantastic time and I will be back again.


Marcel's techniques on training dogs and their humans are very effective. He is kind and patient with both owner and dog but at the same time makes the dogs do what he wants. It is as simple as ask, tell, make. Each class progressed at an excellent pace & was well planned out.

Vanessa Sullivan

We enjoyed K-9 Education immensely and found Marcel's calm and clear instructions very helpful. Our dog has improved and now needs our constant reinforcement to become perfect ! I found my own Education in training was important and Marcel's tips excellent.

Judith Bond

Marcel has a natural ability to work with dogs. He is able to command dogs in a non-threatening manner & with consistence. Ruby started out afraid and upset with Marcel and now she respects him and enjoys being around him.

Mike & Sharon Moore & Ruby

After six sessions the pup was changed ''100%" for the better.

Art & Nancy & Tendra

The class was great. Marcel could answer any questions of concern about the dogs and his techniques for dog training worked very well.


When we came into this class we thought Cézar was a very well behaved dog, and he is ,but we always looked forward to the new things that Marcel would teach us each week. Things that you wouldn't even think of. It was so fun seeing the puppies together and seeing the distractions the other puppies were to Cézar. My advice is, even if you think you have a great puppy ,you will still benefit from this class.

Alex Lamont-Thomson

As a first-time dog owner, I knew very little. Marcel's Puppy Class was a great place for my Husky, Ping to meet other dogs and socialize as well as learn basic commands in a relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere. We'll be back !

Karen & Ethan Vollmer

Bear has come a long way in the 3 months that we have had him. We could not have done it without Marcel. Taking time to come to our house was great. We appreciate everything you have done for us. We look forward to taking more of your classes. Thanks again. Bear thanks you too for helping him keep his forever home.

The LaBlance's

Our training session with Marcel in Puppy 2 was a great experience. Marcel has a gift when dealing with dogs ( and owners). We learned a lot from the class and have seen marked improvements in our puppy's behaviour.

Gemma Moore

The class was very relaxed and friendly. Marcel is excellent with the dogs and showed by example. He is very patient and accepting.

Diane Clubb

Marcel really emphasizes calm leadership with our dog - focusing on rewarding good behaviour. We especially learned that gentle patience pays off in improving a dogs behaviour and alleviating anxiety. Excellent teacher!!

Scott& Manon Wilson

I knew that my dog was trainable but I didn't know how to train him. Marcel is so calm and with his gentle sense of humor he taught me how to be a better leader. Finally, I can walk my big strong dog instead of him walking me! Hard work but very worthwhile.

C. VanVeen

Wallace and I had a great experience with K-9 Education. We were looking for advice with training and socializing and we were very pleased with the whole experience.

Thank-you so much!


Bailey would only sit sometimes on command- now he sits, stays, lays down on command. It is great to have the dog listen & complete the commands- very rewarding !


Watching Marcel control the dogs with what looks like very little effort is amazing.


Found Marcel patient & calm - encouraging, dealt with issues with dogs in class as they arose & demonstrated correction. All has been more than helpful in starting off with my pup in a positive way.

Kathy Kilmer

My experience with basic puppy training was very positive. Marcel is a caring and knowledgeable instructor who is able to communicate with both the dogs and their owners effectively. I would highly recommend this class.

Nika McCool

Our whole family has noticed the improvement in Ellie's behavior. She is coming back when we call her, sitting & staying it is wonderful!

Ellie & Janet Adams

Marcel is very knowledgeable and patient with dogs (and owners) .He provided very good tips on how to handle animals. The class was very well received and a huge benefit to anyone training a dog.

Simon Fredhet

I have witnessed personally the difference in both an aggressively behaved dog and a painfully shy one after a program of dog training with Marcel.

Both became different dogs ... well adjusted and trusting. Of course, one has to follow through and practice, practice, practice with your dog what Marcel teaches in the classes. The handouts are very helpful since it is difficult to remember all the steps. However, there is a review at the beginning of each session and Marcel is always willing to answer questions about other behavioural 'problems'.

For me, it was very rewarding to watch my extremely shy dog, Shawnee, develop confidence enough to approach strangers and allow them to pat her and even fed her a treat. Even the other people in the class noticed a vast improvement in only 5 weeks! Marcel was absolutely right: puppy classes gave her the confidence to begin exploring the world after having been used only as a sled dog.

Thank you Marcel ... from both of us. I still want her to enjoy playing with other dogs but I'm sure that will come in time. You gave us the foundation to begin building her self-confidence.


The puppy class was a great experience for us and our puppy.He was able to socialize with dogs of different breed and sizes.Marcel is very knowledgeable and highly recommended.

Corey and Heather

This is our first dog together as a couple and we had different ideas for how to handle dogs. The class gave us great techniques and taught us the importance of consistency.

Matt Farrell & Kylie Pike

Marcel has helped us to control our St Bernard. We wanted to make sure we had the tools so the whole family could spend time with her and be able to control her. Now my 10&12 year old daughters can take her for walks without me worrying she is taking them for a walk.

Mike Quade

Marcel your approach & mythology is easy to understand & take home & practice.Our puppy enjoyed being taught & we thank-you for the great learning experience.

Rosemary & Wayne Davison & " Harley Davison"